Basil Hayden’s Caribbean Rye

As a self-professed rum guy, I wasn’t holding up a lot of hope for this. I’m usually disappointed with rum barrel aged beer, etc. But holy smokes this was much better than I expected. After three tastings on different days:

The scent is a little confusing; it’s not rye, it’s not rum, what the heck is this?

The first sip is clearly Basil Hayden’s – the BH DNA is right front and center, where it ought to be. No mistaking this is a BH expression. But then the ever-so-slightly sweet rum-based goodness follows and hits the sides of the tongue, giving an extra brief surprise on it’s fairly long peppery finish which you expect from a rye. And then just the slightest of vanilla as it fades away. Quite nice!

I’m quite pleased I sought out this bottle, and will be returning for another one or two for my collection.

Score: 92/100.