by Raul Faria
Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill at Caesar’s, Las Vegas

drink_Raul2 oz Leblon Cachaça
¼ oz absinthe
2-3 sage leaves
½ lime quartered (4 wedges)
¼ lemon, halved (2 wedges)
3 barspoons or 1 level tbsp superfine sugar
½ oz Boiron cucumber purée or homemade cucumber purée*
2-3 oz Fever Tree ginger beer

Add ¼ oz of absinthe to a 16 oz Collins glass and set aside. In a mixing glass muddle sage leaves, lime, lemon wedges, and superfine sugar. Add cucumber purée and Leblon. Take the Collins glass with the absinthe in it and swirl the absinthe around, then discard. Add ice to the mixing glass full of ingredients and shake. Strain into the chilled, iced, absinthe rinsed glass. Top off with 2-3 oz ginger beer, stir lightly and garnish with a sage sprig and a lemon wheel.

*To make the cucumber purée, take 1 English cucumber and cut it into chunks. Add them to ¾-1 oz of water in a high speed blender on high.

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