Irish Whiskey

While it’s unfortunately that hipsters have discovered Irish Whiskey driving up the price of it for old school American Irish, one good thing to come out of that is the increasing number of types being imported to the US. I long remembered when it was mostly two brands here. Everyone knows Jameson (Dublin) and Bushmills (Antrim). There’s nothing wrong with either of those, but those, Powers (that one burns), and Tullamore DEW aren’t the only game in town anymore.

They didn’t list my favorite here in this article. If you can afford it, try a glass of Midleton out of County Cork. Make sure it’s the first drink you have too. It’s one I can only have on a very rare occasion due to its price. I’ve seen it range dramatically from $12-25+ in an Irish pub. It’s a $150 bottle. It’s doesn’t have the hype of Johnnie Walker Blue, or even a Redbreast.

Of those listed onĀ

Redbreast is hyped, and for good reason. That one is marked up a bit at a bar usually.

Green Spot is one of my favorites. It doesn’t have the hype of Redbreast. There’s the regular version and the wine barrel version. I didn’t care for the latter one, but the regular Green Spot is a favorite. It’s not cheap, but I’ve seen it at $7 at bars before. I’ll pay the extra dollar or two for the top whiskey.

Tyrconnell is very good. I’ve only seen that at the Canopy. The regular one is about $35 last I saw and probably the best whiskey I’ve had under $40 (along with Jameson Caskmates Stout version).

Knappogue Castle is alright, but not worth the price. I got a bottle once in Florida and probably wouldn’t get it again unless it was in the bargain bin.

Teeling tastes like Jameson to me, but stronger. My advice is that if you drink Teeling, plan a designated driver beforehand. It’s 92 proof and sneaks up on people. I’d probably get Jameson instead since it tastes the same to me and is cheaper.

I never had Connemara, Glendalough, or Dead Rabbits.

Enjoy St Patrick’s Day, but be safe out there.