Our final entry in the Brazilian Hangover series, honoring the World Cup in Brazil.

drink_Milosby Milos Zica
Employees Only, New York City

1¾ oz Leblon Cachaça
½ oz Benedictine
¾ oz Fresh lime juice
¼ oz jalapeño-infused
Green Chartreuse*
¼ oz Agave nectar
thyme stem for garnish

Put all ingredients into mixing glass, add large ice cubes and shake vigorously for 7-9 seconds. Strain into chilled cocktail glass and garnish with thyme stem.

*For the jalapeño infused Green Chartreuse, put 12 oz of Green Chartreuse into cooking pan. Cook it with 1½ sliced jalapeños, making sure to include the seeds as this will ensure the appropriate spiciness. Cook it until it boils, then set aside for 25 minutes allowing it to cool and infuse. Strain it back into the bottle.

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