Malaysian Chicken

Inspired by Henry Kwok of Asian Buffet/Henry’s Place in Okemos, MI

I’ve stopped at Henry’s Asian Buffet in Okemos several times and always wound up eating the Malaysian Chicken and ignoring the rest of the food.  I reached out to him on Facebook and he generously shared how to prepare it, and this is my riff on it.  Your mouth will be comfortably tingly after eating this dish.

6 chicken thighs, cubed (I used skinless, but in the future I’d use skin-on)
2 tablespoons yellow curry
1 tablespoon white pepper (I was out so used black)
½ cup dry white wine or cooking wine
½ cup water
Dash of salt
Corn starch
1 medium white onion
1 green pepper
Red pepper flakes
Green onion (optional)

Mix curry, pepper, wine, water, salt into large bowl.

Add corn starch to thicken, but just slightly. You don’t want it too thick, needs to be thinner than gravy.

Add chicken, stir.

Cover and marinade for as long as possible, mine was in for 3 hours.

Chop onion and slice green pepper, set aside.

Heat wok on high, pour in chicken mixture and start to stir fry.

About half way through the cooking process, add onion, green pepper, and your desired amount of red pepper flakes.

Finish cooking, and optionally top with sliced green onion stalks.

Some may want to serve this on rice, but I ate it as-is and it was wonderful.