My response to the AARP

AARP sent me a membership application over the weekend. Here is the response I mailed to them:

To whom it may concern:

1) I am 43 years old and feel no compelling urge to join an association of retired people since I’m still looking at 25 years of employment before retiring.
2) You and you group are filled with goddamn socialists intent on sucking the life out of what is left of this country with your “entitlements”.
3) I have a 1 year old daughter who’s share of this year’s budget deficit is in the tens of thousands of dollars. How in the hell can you people expect us to keep paying for your spending?

The sooner your membership drops dead the better off our country will be.

William Carney

P.S. Remove me from your lists, permanently. I find your group repugnant.