Our cruise review from Vision of the Seas – April 3 – Day at Sea

Day 2 – Day at Sea

Slept in, breakfast, non-eventful morning.

I can’t figure out how to access my onboard account on the TV, but again that too isn’t much of a bother. Usually there is some sort of special remote control with additional buttons, but in our room we just have the standard Samsung remote. Perhaps viewing your bill and making reservations on the TV isn’t available on Vision.

The room itself is not too high above the water line, which makes for great ocean viewing. I usually go topside if I’m awake when we sail into port, so I won’t miss having a balcony on this trip.

It was cloudy and rainy, but warm today.

My son tried to climb the rock wall. He was partially successful, as he made it to the first bell. My wife took a Zumba class and greatly enjoyed it.

We had lunch at Izumi. We started with Pork dumplings for an appetizer. My wife had the Champagne Lobster Roll; I ordered the DX Roll. It was disappointing. Just rice and a slice of fish. No special sauce or anything. The kids had a non-spicy ramen soup that used coconut milk as a broth. They loved it, and I took a taste and wished I would have ordered that. The total bill for the 4 of us was $53. I don’t think we’ll be visiting Izumi again as we didn’t find the value in it.

Later in the afternoon we hung out in the Diamond Lounge all by ourselves and just enjoyed the ocean going by.

Since tonight was the first formal night, we opted for dinner at Chops. We both ordered the large fillet mignon, medium rare. Service was really, really slow. When my steak finally came out, it was the small fillet and it was well done. We were two and a half hours into the meal at this point, and the kids were getting antsy, so I didn’t bother to send the steak back. I just ate it and left.

We likely won’t be doing upcharge restaurants any more; the price vs value/quality/service proposition just isn’t there in our experience.