Our cruise review from Vision of the Seas – April 7 – Cozumel

Day 6 – Cozumel

Today I woke up with a full blown headcold and lost my voice. This will not stop me from having fun – I’ll just have to point to what I want on the menu.

Today we visited Nachi Cocom, a beach area that limits itself to 100 reservations per day. I don’t care for crowds so this appealed to me. I booked online previously with a $29 deposit, and you pay the remainder when you arrive. Since they do limit the number of reservations, they will charge you even if you are a no-show, so keep that in mind should you select this on your cruise. Also, bring your paperwork with your reservation number. It makes entry easier.

We left the boat at 9:00AM during the morning rush and taxies were still easy to get even with 7 ships in port (three Carnival ships were docked right next to us). The taxi was $20 each way.

When you arrive you pay for the remainder of your reservation then are handed a glass of champagne. You are then taken to your own palapa (I think that’s what they are called) along the beach with your own loungers, and then you are introduced to your waiter for the day. Ours was Renae, and he brought drinks, took our lunch orders, called for the taxi when we left, etc. Very attentive.

At lunchtime we placed our orders. The food was fantastic! The civiche was good, refried beans were to die for. I had enchiladas with green sauce that was out of this world. If this is what authentic Mexican food tastes like then what they serve here in Michigan is a crime.

There was a party atmosphere by the pool, chill out area near the beach. My wife said the margaritas were out of this world. We had a fantastic time, I highly recommend this place.

(Me in my RCBlog shirt)

After the taxi back to the ship I noticed some brilliant orange jewelry in a store, and wound up buying my wife a Mexican Fire Opal ring and earrings. Supposedly there is a 18% tax on credit card purchases in the port area; they will dicker and deal if you have cash for even a portion of your purchase. I emptied my wallet for the biggest discount.

After returning to the ship we stopped at the cabin and there was a letter from the health staff announcing that there were cases of Norovirus onboard and to take the usual precautions.

We walked around during sail away and noted the rock wall was wasn’t being used, so I ran down to the room to get the kids socks and IDs and they climbed the wall. My daughter Lily made it all the way to the top and rang the bell.

Due to my headcold we skipped the MDR for dinner and ate in the Windjammer (this is only the second time we’ve done this in 13 cruises). They had some wonderful Indian dishes that my wife and I enjoyed. The cooks created a giant hamburger maybe two feet across, and sliced it into 16 pieces. They were greatly amused when my son took a piece of the dinosaur sized burger.

Didn’t drink as much today due to my headcold. Drink of the day was some lemonade and curacao concoction at $10 and no souvenir glass, I passed on that. I think I had a total of one beer and three mixed drinks on board, drinks that had grapefruit juice as a base…for the vitamin C content of course.

There was a ‘extreme bartending’ show in the Centrum during the evening.