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A Midori Margarita recipe for bidding summer adieu. 1 1/2 oz white/clear Tequila (you can use regular tequila, but the color will look bad when mixed with the green Midori)…


Tonight I prepared what became the best fish dinner I’ve ever made. Start with: 1 pound tilapia fillets (mine happened to be a frozen package I purchased from Meijer’s on…

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Fortune to end Absolut venture and buy Cruzan

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — Fortune Brands’ Beam Global will end its joint venture deal to distribute Absolut vodka in the U.S., turning over sole responsibility for the top-selling brand to new owner Pernod Ricard while also buying Cruzan rum and netting about $130 million in cash on top.

After the close of trading Thursday, Fortune announced the pact, which will accelerate the termination of the joint venture to distribute Absolut vodka here — originally slated to end in 2012 — to Oct. 1 in return for $230 million in cash. In addition, Beam will buy Cruzan from Pernod for $100 million.


Bunnyhugs has an entertaining history of the Daiquiri … When squeezing the limes extract only the juice and nothing else. You do not want oils from the skin to get…

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When traveling, inevitably the second question after “Isn’t this place beautiful?”, “Sheesh, isn’t it hot here?”, or “what’s that smell?” comes the question “where you from?”

During a five hour bus ride back from Tequila to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last Friday, I had time to ponder that question.


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In a past post entitled Trinidad Rum Punch we stressed using a gold rum due to it’s flavor.  Today we sail up to St. Croix where we make a rum…

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The cool thing is that recipe itself is surprisingly easy, and can be remembered by memorizing a little poem:

One of Sour, Two of Sweet. Three of Strong, Four of Weak.Translated, this means:

One part “sour,” which means freshly squeezed lime juice (do NOT use bottled lime juice — only fresh lime juice will do!);
Two parts “sweet,” which refers to a simple syrup (sugar + water);
Three parts “strong” — rum (only golden rum, NOT white rum);
Four parts “weak” — served over ice.

Get it?

Okay, to break it down into recipe form: the following would be how you’d make a gallon of Trinidadian rum punch:

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