Plantation 20th Anniversary Extra Old rum from Barbados

Plantation 20th Anniversary Extra Old rum from Barbados


From the birthplace of rum, Barbados 20th Anniversary Extra Old aged rum is a complex blend of select marques aged in American Bourbon barrels at least twelve years before a second maturation in French cognac casks in the cool cellars of Chateau de Bonbonnet, in the French region of Charente

This premium rum represents a celebration of the unique style of rum production and aging developed by the team at Cognac Ferrnad, lead by Alexandre Gabriel for the past 20 years. His focus and philosophy are simple — to produce special, unique spirits, gems so distinctive and revolutionary that they set the bar for all others that come after them.

This singular inspiration to marry the flavors and techniques of Caribbean spirits with the mastery of French cognac expertise results in rums that deliver world-class flavor. Well chosen estate or single-island rums can be of outstanding quality, offering a wide range of aromas and flavors that can easily compete with the depth and complexity of a great Cognac or Armagnac. Alexandre Gabriel’s goal is to give each Plantation Rum its individuality.

This exquisite sipping rum presents spicy notes of vanilla and dark chocolate followed by flavors of ripe banana, sugar cane and roasted coconut.

Alexandre’s two decades of creating and perfecting his double maturity concept has resulted in many fine vintage rums, each faithfully representing the terroir of it’s destination. The brand has produced limited-edition vintage rums from Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Venezuela.

With a suggested price of less than $40, Plantation 20th Anniversary Extra Old rum from Barbados is an exceptional value that will please rum enthusiasts and equally impress those that have yet to discover premium sipping rums.

Plantation 20th Anniversary XO rum earned a Gold Award in the RumXP International Tasting Competition at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.

Cognac Ferrand has offices and production premises at Château de Bonbonnet in Ars, France and its brands are distributed in more than 40 countries. The brands available in the U.S. include Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Citadelle Gin, Mathilde Liqueurs, Plantation Rum, Landy Cognac, Cerbois Armagnac and Daron Calvados.

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