Prichard’s Distillery develops new old rum bottle

The iconic American rum producer in Kelso, Tennessee has developed a new bottle for their artisan rum.Prichard’s Fine Rum is now available in a special bottle designed to reflect the type of hand-made bottles once used for American rum before the American Revolution.

Phil Prichard explains the idea behind the new old bottle. “When we began distilling operations some years ago, it was our goal to recreate America’s first distilled spirit, a traditional American Rum very much like the rums made in New England over two hundred years ago.”

While perusing through an antique shop in New England, Phil happened upon a hand blown bottle not unlike those found on sailing ships and in taverns some two hundred and fifty years ago.

It wasn’t easy to find a bottle maker capable of re-creating the old style vessel.

“We turned to the Arkansas Glass Container Corporation of Jonesboro, Arkansas who, recognizing the historic significance of the bottle, diligently worked to help us bring its past to life with its classic reproduction,” said Phil. “With their help, our new bottle began its journey to become a reasonable recreation of that early American bottle complete with its rather crooked neck and hand blown look.”

The original antique bottle used as a master was recreated in a computer graphics image for final dimensional and aesthetic approval. Once analyzed and approved, the final bottle design was translated into machine code to be interpreted by 3D model printers for model creation.

“The hand-crafted look of the new bottle with many of the imperfections of the antique bottle will look really unique among a myriad of look-alike bottles on retail shelves and behind the bar. Bartenders love its very long neck, a definite advantage when pouring its contents. Plus, it is American made!”

The new old bottle is now being used for Prichard’s Fine Rum and other rum products from Prichard’s Distillery.

Prichard’s Fine Rum is an accurate recreation of the ancient rum of an older time. They use the finest water in Tennessee and premium table grade molasses to create an authentic rum aged three to five years in hand-made charred white oak casks. Prichard’s Fine Rum is the first authentic American Rum to be distilled in the United States since the early days of America’s history.


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