Smoked Citrusy Pork Chops

This isn’t a recipe per se; I just whipped something together and it wound up fantastic and I wanted to document it so I could try it again.

5 lbs thick cut pork chops (my package from the butcher had 6 chops in it for reference)

2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 jalapeno, sliced and unseeded
About a quarter cup extra virgin olive oil
About a quarter cup avocado oil
About a half cup apple cider vinegar
Several splashes of balsamic vinegar
Several splashes of W-sauce
A third of a container of Sazon seasoning

Mix all ingredients and let the pork chops marinade in it for three hours or more.

Put pork chops on smoker at 300 degrees until internal temp of the chop is 145 degrees. Mine took just an hour and a half, well before dinnertime, so I flipped the chops, dropped the temp to 185 degrees and left them on for another hour or so.

They were moist and juicy, and tasted fabulous. I’ll be making them again…probably next weekend, they were that good.