The MST Ojo Rojo – Best Summer Drink Ever

This Ojo Rojo was discovered by Misty over at Big Sweet Tooth:

Bottom line, this concoction is the best summer drink ever.  Loosely based on a perfect ojo rojo whipped up at by the talented bartenders at The Soggy Peso on Isla Mujeres, here’s what you do.

Fill a cup with ice.  Pour in half a bottle of beer.  Throw on some Bloody Mary mix and a splash of clamado juice.  Top with more beer.  I like Dos Equis or Pacifico.  Stir the monkey up and blast with a little cracked pepper, celery salt, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.  Garnish with a crispy stalk of celery and a blue cheese/or feta stuffed olive.  Drink copious amounts.  Three do the trick for me.

Watch out.  4 o’clock will never be the same again. Happy hour heaven.  Brunch bliss.  Breakfast joy.  It all works, no matter what the time.

Looks like I’m going to have to round up some Bloody Mary mix.