What I’m Drinking Now: English Harbour

3689E3F5-36C2-40AE-8CEB-4587C4ECF46C.jpgEnglish Harbour is a light Brown rum distilled from molasses. Aged a minimum of five years in used whisky and bourbon barrels. Awarded Silver Medal at the 2007 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition.

The bottle was sealed in a giant gob of extremely hard wax, and was very difficult to open. It was definitely worth the hassle, though, as this rum immediately placed in my Top 10 Rum List.

2005 San Francisco Spirits Competition Tasting Notes: “English Harbour Five year Rum’s polished copper hue prepares the drinker for the initial impression of cherry, oak and a wisp of smoke. The first sip of ripe apple, coconut and hints of cinnamon fill the palate. Then the slightly sweet coconut, spice and smoke finish complements the body of the mature spirit. Mixology possibilities are endless. This delightful rum can be consumed straight, on the rocks, with water, in making rum espresso martinis or with any of the world’s popular mixers.”

Personal opinion – don’t pollute this fine rum by mixing it. At most I would drink it on the rocks, but it is so much better straight.

Enjoy at your first opportunity.

The Important Deets:

Purchased at International Beverage in Grand Rapids for $32.  It was on their “closeout” shelf, so I do not know if it still available in the state of Michigan.