2014 RumXP International Tasting Competition Winners Announced

The RumXP International Rum Expert Tasting Panel, one of the most respected collection of experts in the spirits world, and the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, the world’s largest gathering of rum producers and enthusiasts, are pleased to announce results of the 2014 RumXP International Tasting Competition held at the Festival in Miami April 22 to 25.

Twelve members of the International Rum Expert Panel and 12 guest judges participated in six tasting sessions of 17 categories of rums, with 133 of the finest rums in the world presented for evaluation this year.

RumXP judges were sequestered in a tasting room for three days on blind tasting trials.  All rums were grouped and judged in categories according to their style.

2014 RumXP Best in Class and Gold Medal winners include:

  • Agricole Rhum: Best In Class – St. Barth Chic; Gold – St. Barth Cool
  • White Rum: Best In Class – Ocumare Platino; Gold – Skottlander, Gold – Tanduay Silver
  • Premium White Rum: Best In Class – Diplomatico Blanco; Gold – The Real McCoy 3, Gold – Plantation 3 Star
  • Gold Rum: Best In Class – Diplomatico Añejo; Gold – Hampden Estate Gold, Gold – Koloa Gold
  • Aged Rum: Best In Class – Plantation Original Dark; Gold – Pussers, Gold – Appleton VX
  • Aged Rum, 4-8 years: Best In Class – Plantation 5; Gold – El Dorado 8, Gold – Abuelo 7
  • Aged Rum, 9-12 years: Best In Class – Abuelo 12; Gold – Real McCoy 12, Gold – Medellin 12
  • Aged Rum, 13-18 years: Best In Class – Pussers 15; Gold – El Dorado 15, Gold – Flor de Caña 18
  • Aged Rum, 19-21 years: Best In Class – El Dorado 21, Gold – Centenario 20
  • Premium Aged Rum: Best In Class – Don Q Gran Añejo; Gold – Ocumare Añejo Especial Golden Reserve, Gold – Plantation 20th Anniversary
  • Super Premium Rum: Best In Class – Mount Gay 1703; Gold – Ron Barcelo Imperial Premium 30th Anniversary; Gold – Centenario 25
  • Special Cask: Best In Class – Plantation Guyana 2005; Gold – Plantation Jamaica 2001, Gold – Plantation Trinidad 1999
  • Dark Rum: Best In Class – Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum; Gold – Koloa Dark, Gold – Goslings Black Seal
  • Flavored Rum: Best In Class – Koloa Coconut; Gold – Admiral Nelson Vanilla, Gold – Blue Chair Bay Coconut, Gold – Selvarey Cacao
  • Spiced Rum: Best In Class – Bayou Spiced; Gold – Blue Chair Coconut Spiced, Gold – Blackheart
  • Overproof Rum: Best In Class – Plantation Overproof Original Dark; Gold – Rum Fire, Gold – Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum
  • Ultra Premium Reserve: Best In Class – Brugal Papa Andres

The esteemed judging panel of the 2014 RumXP Tasting Competition was led by Robert A. Burr, Robin Burr and Robert V. Burr.   The judging panel was comprised of 12 RumXP judges including Dirk Decker, Ian Burrell, Forrest Cokely, John Gibbons, Javier Herrera, Peter Holland, Tatu Kaarlas, “Bahama Bob” Leonard, Paul McFadyn, Paul Senft, Leonardo Pinto and Bernard Schäfer.  In addition, 12 respected guest judges from a range of roles within the spirits industry lent their refined pallets to the panel including Matt Robold, Stefan Brinkmann, Laine Doss, Steve Drda, Franco Gaspari, Pauline Holland, Josh Miller, Marco Pierini, Nigel Sade, James Soper and David Saffa.

The 2015 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival will be held April 17 to 19, 2015.

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