Bacardi announces Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron premium white rum

b4ca8ba50e65b70e1a1ff1ba2425a7afExclusive to global travel retail outlets, Bacardi recently announced a new premium white rum expression — Bacardí Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron — they hope will inject new levels of excitement among consumers that will ultimately lead to premiumization of the rum category as a whole.

The Master Blenders were recently given a green light to develop more upscale products, such as the luxury Facundo rumsreleased last year. Careful attention to the process was taken, starting with a three year old aged rum, filtered through coconut shell charcoal to remove the color.

Aromas of vanilla, floral notes, toasted nuts and dried fruit over oak are notable. The palate is clean with hints of sweet vanilla before a very smooth finish.

This innovative new product will be available exclusively in travel retail outlets(which means you’re going to be buying at airports and not your local shop).

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