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This recipe, from Guadalope, is adapted from Angela Spenceley’s “A Taste of the Caribbean” cookbook. The original recipe called for 4 six ounce center cut loin pork chops, but I…

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Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe A popular Jamaican chicken recipe in Kingston blended with curry powder. Ingredients 2 tbsps. vegetable oil 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 tsp. curry powder 3/4…

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Tonight I prepared what became the best fish dinner I’ve ever made. Start with: 1 pound tilapia fillets (mine happened to be a frozen package I purchased from Meijer’s on…

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In a past post entitled Trinidad Rum Punch we stressed using a gold rum due to it’s flavor.  Today we sail up to St. Croix where we make a rum…

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The cool thing is that recipe itself is surprisingly easy, and can be remembered by memorizing a little poem:

One of Sour, Two of Sweet. Three of Strong, Four of Weak.Translated, this means:

One part “sour,” which means freshly squeezed lime juice (do NOT use bottled lime juice — only fresh lime juice will do!);
Two parts “sweet,” which refers to a simple syrup (sugar + water);
Three parts “strong” — rum (only golden rum, NOT white rum);
Four parts “weak” — served over ice.

Get it?

Okay, to break it down into recipe form: the following would be how you’d make a gallon of Trinidadian rum punch:

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What lemonade is to Americans, ginger beer is to folks in the Caribbean. While many carbonated brands are available in Stateside supermarkets (choose those that list ginger as the first…

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At the Swizzle Inn in Bermuda they only sell these by the pitcher. The idea is you’re going to sit all afternoon (yes, daytime drinking…the only respectable kind of drinking)…

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