Crystal Lime is now Bounty Lime

One of my favorite flavored rums is Crystal Lime from St. Lucia Distillers.  The lime/citrus flavor seems to come from actual lime zest, and not some artificial flavoring.

We stopped in St. Lucia November 22nd while on a cruise.  I went to literally every store that sold alcohol in Pointe Seraphine and none was available.

Upon our return I dropped an email to St. Lucia Distillers, inquiring about the product.  Here is the reply from Michael Speakman, the Marketing Director:

Dear Bill

Crystal Lime has now been put into the Bounty Rum range and is now called Bounty Lime. The product is the same except the alcohol which is now 25%.


Michael Speakman
Sales and Marketing Director
Saint Lucia Distillers Group of Companies

So there we go – Crystal Lime is now Bounty Lime.  One thing of note is that the ABV is lowered to 25% from 35%; as long as it tastes the same, I’m ok with that.