Adventure (and probably other Voyager class) hints, tips, hacks, and observations

Just got off Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas.  Rather than write up a full review, I’ll post some thoughts here as I remember them.

If you like craft beer from bottles, go into the pub (Duck and Dog on Adventure) and go all the way to the bar. Look to the right and you will see a little hallway that goes to a staff area.  Look down that hallway, and on the left will be a chalkboard with the names of all the off-menu beers available on that sailing.  Note, however, that many won’t be available on the first night, as luggage has distribution priority over the beer.  I managed to enjoy Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA several times during the sailing (though it did run out by Thursday).

Speaking of beer, if you like craft beer there is a place right at Port Seraphine in St. Lucia called Antillia Brewing.  They have a great IPA and a stout worth trying.

Last year when we sailed, Voom had a problem where you had to log in every single time you used your device.  They’ve since fixed that issue.  The internet is still incredibly slow, though; I wasn’t able to watch any Periscopes or Facebook Live videos onboard, at any location.

Did you know that Royal’s website doesn’t work on your iPhone or iPad?  Try doing a search – none of the dropdowns work.  Skip even trying and just go to the NextCruise desk if you are looking for info on a future cruise.

Like Indian food?  Ask your waiter for it in the MDR.  They’ll provide a vegetarian and non-veg dish – or more likely both.  If you are in the Windjammer for dinner, go all the way to the back of the line, and there will be several Indian options each night.  The two nights we ate there, they had four dishes to choose from, including a veg curry, Dal, fish curry, pork curry, pappadam, raita, and a few chutneys. . All were great!  Another night I had a butter chicken that may have been the best I’ve ever had.

If you prefer Caribbean food, keep an eye out for that night in the Windjammer.  I found the jerk chicken and other dishes to be fantastic!  I’ll be eating there that night from now on.  Sadly, no photo.

On the ‘corporate cutbacks’ end of things, the assistant waiters no longer come around with a tray of bread for you to select from.  Dinner starts with bread already on the table, consisting of a couple of rolls and no savory bites.

If you are a rum drinker, go to Bolero’s, and they have a decent selection there, including Zafra 21 and Atlantico, among others.  They also had Selvarey Cacao rum which was an interesting treat.
Martinique.  Save your money and make it a beach day.  Leave the ship, hang a right, and walk down to the ferries.  Ask them for the one with the beaches, and take that for $7/pp round trip.  Skip the first stop and get off at the second one, the beach looked a lot nicer there.  We got off at the first stop.  It was just OK, but the kids loved it.