Forget Voting You Out of Office, These Constituents Can Steal Your Soul

As long as the world has been around, people have cursed politicians. But most of us are rank amateurs. To see the professionals level a curse, you have to travel to Romania, where you’ll find a group of witches who are so enraged that they are mobilizing across the country and gathering in solidarity in anti-government rallies.

That’s because the Romanian government recently decided to¬†recognize witches, astrologers and fortune tellers in the official Romanian labor code — meaning the professions will be taxed like everybody else.

Naturally, this isn’t going over very well. In addition to the demonstrations, some of the witches have taken a more direct route, casting poisonous mandrake plants into the Danube River as part of their campaign to “threaten the government with spells and spirits,” and using concoctions of dead dogs and cat feces to create powerful curses against the government.

For its part, the government has held strong, arguing that difficult times call for strong measures, adding that turning President Basescu into a newt is an inappropriate redress of grievances.