Drawing on their brewing expertise, the team at New Holland Artisan Spirits has launched “Brewers’ Whiskey”, a series of small-barrel whiskeys twice distilled from a “beer wash” and laid down in small casks with a heavy char.

Fermented from 100% 2-row malted barley, Double Down Barley is first in the series and is available now. Double Down Barley is described as a bright spirit with a caramel nose, balanced with hues of cocoa & coffee before a spicy, clove finish. The limited release of less than 500 375ml bottles, each hand-signed by head-distiller Dennis Downing, will be followed by other whiskey styles in the series.

Aging whiskey in small barrels is an innovative technique that increases the whiskey to wood contact, enhancing and accentuating the flavors drawn from the oak barrel. For New Holland, this has created opportunities for several Brewers’ Whiskey releases in addition to the distillery’s flagship whiskey, Zeppelin Bend, which spends more than three years in full size barrels and releases twice a year. New Holland Artisan Spirits expects to release at least four new Brewers’ Whiskeys in 2011, each coaxing unique and interesting flavors from an artfully brewed “beer wash.”

The regional distillery is dedicated to discovering the artful nuances in the distilling process while delivering unique and interesting spirits in their most tasteful form. Proud distillers of whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, hopquila and brandy since 2005. “The Spirited Life Deserves a Spirited Drink”.

Double Down Barley is currently available in MI, with Missouri and Illinois shipping soon.  Look for the next release in the series in February of 2011.