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In a past post entitled Trinidad Rum Punch we stressed using a gold rum due to it’s flavor.  Today we sail up to St. Croix where we make a rum…

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The cool thing is that recipe itself is surprisingly easy, and can be remembered by memorizing a little poem:

One of Sour, Two of Sweet. Three of Strong, Four of Weak.Translated, this means:

One part “sour,” which means freshly squeezed lime juice (do NOT use bottled lime juice — only fresh lime juice will do!);
Two parts “sweet,” which refers to a simple syrup (sugar + water);
Three parts “strong” — rum (only golden rum, NOT white rum);
Four parts “weak” — served over ice.

Get it?

Okay, to break it down into recipe form: the following would be how you’d make a gallon of Trinidadian rum punch:

Drinks Recipies Rum

Hershey’s, Apple and Nike all have stores to showcase their brand and products. Now Bacardi will have one, too.

Thursday’s grand opening of the Bacardi store in downtown Nassau, Bahamas may be the first of its kind in the spirits industry.

The store will sell all the Bacardi portfolio of brands, plus a variety of branded accessories never available to the public in an independent retail store.

“This is a way that people can interact with the company and learn about the brand in a different way then just going up to a bar and ordering a rum and Coke,” said Joaquin Bacardi, president and chief executive officer of Bacardi Corp. in Puerto Rico, who manages the operations of the entire Caribbean region.

Brand concept stores, which have been around for years in other retail segments, have grown in popularity as a way to make a direct connection with the consumer. Ultimately, those kind of connections help to build brand loyalty.

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Martinique produces some fine rums on more than a dozen estates scattered around the island.  Habitation Clement, an 18th Century distillery near Le Fracois, offers a tour of its facilities,…

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Happy Jamaican Independence Day! Grab some Appleton and mix it with some Ting, mon!

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Drinks Rum

What lemonade is to Americans, ginger beer is to folks in the Caribbean. While many carbonated brands are available in Stateside supermarkets (choose those that list ginger as the first…

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