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What lemonade is to Americans, ginger beer is to folks in the Caribbean. While many carbonated brands are available in Stateside supermarkets (choose those that list ginger as the first…

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The food scene in Lansing is fairly boring. Every bar seems to be a “sports bar”, and, with few exceptions, exotic food consists of Taco Bell. This post happens to be about one of those rare exceptions.

“Palace of Jamaica” is a new Caribbean take-out place in the downtown area. I happened to see their sign one afternoon so I stopped in for lunch…

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Drinks Rum

Drinks Rum

Drinks Rum

I stumbled across “10 Best Summer Cocktails You’ve Never Heard Of” on…it expanded my shopping list threehundredfold.  Worth checking out.


At the Swizzle Inn in Bermuda they only sell these by the pitcher. The idea is you’re going to sit all afternoon (yes, daytime drinking…the only respectable kind of drinking)…

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My first post. Time for another drink.